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Making a Change!

As I transition my clinic's name to Durham Pelvic, I will also be making

a change in my website. Click below to go to my new site!

Helping the women of Durham, Chapel Hill & the Triangle area resolve pain, urinary leakage, and other pelvic health concerns

Conditions I Treat

The Experience

  • Every session is spent one-on-one with me, your Doctor of Physical Therapy. There are no assistants you'll be shuffled off to, nor will you be working with a different person at each visit.

  • We'll work together in a private, calm room rather than a loud, busy gym.

  • I pride myself in truly listening to my patients. Many of my patients have had poor experiences with previous medical providers where they were constantly interrupted and invalidated. That won't happen here.

  • I specialize in pelvic health. Which means that you'll be working with an expert in your condition, rather than someone who only sees some pelvic cases on the side, or whose true passion lies elsewhere. Dealing with pelvic conditions is hard enough - you deserve a specialist to care for you.

  • You'll do more than just kegels. I'll look at your entire body to make sure that we get to the root cause of your symptoms so that we can resolve them for good.

  • You'll get the hands-on care you deserve. I have extensive training in many manual techniques (including myofascial release, dry needling, and visceral mobilization) that I use to help patients feel better and move better.

  • You'll get the tools you need to feel confident in your body. I love helping women reach their goals so that they can live their lives without worrying about their pelvic floor!

“This is the best experience I have had with physical therapy. I was very impressed with Rachel’s professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail.”

Emily C.

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